I am an experienced and results-driven software developer with a strong foundation in C#,.NET, Angular, React, Flutter, and TypeScript. Specializing in designing and implementing high-performance systems with careful attention to database management and employing rigorous test-driven development (TDD) practices. With a sharp eye for detail and a passion for crafting reliable solutions, I bring a design-driven approach to every project, ensuring efficiency and scalability.

I prioritize writing code with the expectation that others will work on it, ensuring clarity and self-explanatory structure. My goal is to make the code understandable even to non-technical team members, promoting smooth collaboration and project continuity.

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Full-stack Developer





I successfully designed and developed a cross-platform mobile application centered around habit-building. This app encourages users to define their desired habits and commit to them for a specified duration. Notably, the app integrates a real-money investment feature, wherein users invest funds to solidify their commitment. At the culmination of the habit period, the invested amount is promptly refunded to the user. This innovative approach blends technology with behavioral psychology to drive positive change and motivate users towards achieving their goals.


I've created a cross-platform application that addresses a significant issue with my university's website. The existing site lacks responsiveness and has a subpar design, affecting user experience. To rectify this, I've developed an application that extracts essential academic information, leave application features, and fee payment details from the website. The app presents this data in a sleek and minimalistic design, making it easily accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices. By seamlessly bridging the gap between the website's shortcomings and students' needs, the application enhances the overall university experience.


Full-stack development

Mobile App Development






C# / .NET








Power Automate


Github/Gitlab/AZ Devops




Work Experiences

2023 Jun    -   NOW

Full-time Developer

Propeltech Labs
Transitioning to a full-time developer role at Propeltech Labs, I navigated the Angular and .NET codebase, mastering intricate business logic. I have persisted, learnt and evolved in spite of the initial challenges. Responsible for maintaining and expanding the codebase, this journey enhanced my technical skills and cultivated adaptability, resilience, and collaborative strengths crucial for impactful development projects.
During my internship, I developed professional work behavior and diversified my skill set with tasks spanning API building, web scraping, bulk data import automation, and text processing. These hands on experiences in the areas of C#,.NET, Angular and React have made me more technical than ever before. In a real world work place, my problemsolving and adaptability skills have been reinforced through our involvement with the automation of administrative tasks and employee task notifications projects.
I have excelled as a Flutter developer during my internship at INFA Technologies and contributed to two applications: an emergency call service app and the bike ride club application. I've integrated device sensors with Firebase functionalities, and have led a whole release cycle by collaborative and independent means. The timely deployment of the Play Store and the App Store has been ensured by my commitment to maintaining high quality standards, demonstrating valuable skills for impactful development projects.


2019 - 2023

B.Tech Compute Science and Engineering (AI)

Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences
I proudly earned my B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Karunya University, rocking a 7 CGPA - not exactly rocket science, right? But here's the twist: while my GPA might not have hit the stars, I launched myself into the professional world armed with all the skills I needed. Think of me as the self-made superhero of coding, learning the ropes and saving the day in a true DIY fashion! 🚀💻

2015 - 2019

High School

Trinity International Residential School

My high school journey was a bit of a mixtape. I started off at Trinity, tackling the IGCSE syllabus for a solid two years. Then I embarked on a unique path with open schooling for another two years. It was at this point that the magic happened - I found myself making better decisions and setting realistic goals. Joining this school became my turning point, transforming me into a goal-crushing dynamo! 📚🎯

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